Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shut up Zer0kage

The only known (scanned) doujin of mai waifu, Blanc Neige. And it's color. And someone besides T2 did it and it isn't shit.
Shining Beach 4 (Shining Wind) [Graphicarossa]


  1. Am I the only one amazed that how years later, people still remember Zer0kage for his Neige spam?

  2. It's sad how things have changed since then. Obsessing over "waifus" and the like has gone from being mocked to done ironically to being encouraged. It's gotten so bad that people now have serious discussions about loyalty to one's waifu. Zer0kage wasn't even that bad. Sure, he treated 4chan like his blog, but he wasn't rude or psychotic in going about it.