Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dance the Night Away

I love that each new Comiket continually blesses us with new Dragon Quest books, especially DQIV with the twins. There's also a new Bakunyu Fullnerson that's a remake one of his older books with updated (and much better) art that we're looking forward to. And with the DQ games coming out for the Wii in that new bundle, I can only hope that even more stuff is created.

The title of this book brings up some issues for me as far as naming goes; I've seen it done before with a Jingrock doujinshi as well. Why Manya over Maya? In pretty much everything there's a clear in her name, and in the localized version, that syllable is dropped and instead we get Maya (and Meena). Just like with Horo, we're gonna go with what's given in Japanese, otherwise you end up still something along the lines of Erementar Gerade. That said, the title is Maya's Pole, not Manya's Pole, regardless of what I think it should be.

Raw provided by Xavier.

Maya's Pole (Dragon Quest 4) [Musashi-dou]


  1. Manya is so hot. Many thanx guys.

  2. Hey ... It's Dragon Quest IV and not VI. :D
    But thanks al ot. XD