Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bigger, Better, and Browner "Useless Meat"

Here we have a nice manga by someone I've never heard of before, Ooba Nii. We love brown demons about as much as brown elves, even more when they're so goddamn plump and squirt milk and have fuckable nipples. The chapters are pretty short, but I hope he does more in further Toushin Engi volumes.

Comiket 81 is coming up this weekend, and there's gonna be a huge amount of material we all want to work on. ACF wants Horizon stuff, and I want Dragon Quest and Meat, so I think we'll be pretty good. What are you guys looking forward to?

Mixed Marriage Quest (Original) [Ooba Nii]


  1. On the thought of brown elf:
    How massive is your erection in preparation for this?

  2. Very prepared, maybe ACF can find time to sub it for Fakku, I hope.

  3. @Anonymous That looks so fucking godlike...I can't describe it. And to Chocolate Scans...brown = awesome. Elves, demons, w/e. Thanks for the translation!!! >:3