Thursday, October 3, 2013

Speed of Darkness

One more Hakaba/Dairiseki work for your reading pleasure. We were already in the middle of working on this when we noticed LWB had just released it, but since we were almost done, we decided to go ahead and release ours as well. I think they do a fine job on their releases, but now there's two versions to enjoy.

Shameless -The Humiliation and Enslavement of Yui Kotegawa- (To LOVE-ru) [Dairiseki (Hakaba)]

Release #211


  1. The reason I don't like these doujins is the character break is too arbitrary, and felt forced and nonsensical, they knew they did something wrong, had the capacity to fix it and she wasn't in the right mind.

    What I would have preferred was they reset time and then due to time being reset she loops to the start of the sequence and gets raped again, and again until she finaly get broken by the time looping

    Or something more believably than simply, you know what I'm mind broken now.