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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Belldandy Has AIDS (y'know, cuz Rent)

Belldandy's up to her usual antics once more.  Not much to that hasn't been said before about these sets, so enjoy.  This was done with AnonTL of LWB, where more links can be found.

Rent (Ah! My Goddess) [Joy Division]

Monday, February 24, 2014

Netorare'd Bitches and the Infinite Sadness

This may be Bitch Bokujou's best story in a long while, with actual progression follow-through, and confrontation in the end.  Again, harem leads like Ichika deserve more doujinshi like this for being so dense, so it's almost by a righteous hand that these are produced and used to mock such characters and their predicaments.  But also common to this artist's stories are descriptions of the girls doing more depraved things than are what's shown, like in a certain double-page here.

Shame we couldn't get an actual scan to this, mainly for the larger image size, but also because there tends to be less mosaic on the dick and balls, making everything more pleasant to view.

GIRLS MEET DQN'S TINPO (Infinite Stratos) [Bitch Bokujou]

Release #233

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Goddess Cheats

Soon after the release of that previous Joy Division set comes the brand new one from C85.  Had to take it on, since I'm on somewhat of a Belldandy bender and would like to see these sets finally completed.  I only wish this artist either gave these sets of images more continuity to one another, or instead did a linear doujin story.  This is a collobration with LWB, translated by AnonTL.

Twisted Tenderness (Ah! My Goddess) [Joy Division]

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shadow of the Past

I've always loved these Belldandy CGsets from Joy Division, even if there really is little continuity between each of the images.  It would even better if he did a linear comic, he'd rank up there with the Midgard and Nightmare series.  I'm also surprised not all of these sets have been translated yet, there's still a few left I'd like to personally see done, if I can, as well as a good handful of Belldandy doujinshi where's she's cheating on Keiichi, naturally.

This was a collaborative effort with LWB, and the translation was commissioned by Tay.

Shadow Play (Ah! My Goddess) [Joy Division]

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tricked & Dicked

I like Butagoya's art a lot and his design, but this comic's story falls into the similar trappings for weaker netorare of focusing too much on the initial cheating and not enough on the results and fallout of such love affairs.  I'd love to see more ends that show the poor husband's reaction to the video.  Only one page of big full belly makes me wish for more in the future.

A Wife's Lust Life (Original) [Butagoya]

Release #225

Monday, September 9, 2013

Heart of Cold Steel

Kaientai's main deal seems to be depravity, and there's no shortage of it here  Android 18 is hypnotized by a cell phone app and quickly becomes a loyal sex slave of some guy who was supposed to tutor Marron.  Unlike the type of clear hypnosis you see in your typical Youkai Tamanokoshi doujinshi, 18 appears to be rather cogent, lucid, and willing, qualities I prefer in netorare stories.

Dragon Ball doesn't get as many doujinshi as Dragon Quest, but it's hard to resist well-adapted Toriyama designs.

Android 18's Hypnosis NTR (Dragon Ball Z) [Kaientai]
E-Hentai / ExHentai

Release #207

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The 10 Year Bitch

Thanks to that generous uploader, I present you with Bitch Bokujou's latest work before Comiket 84, one where a girl named Shiho grows up being fucked by her father and sold to others for money.  Really wish he had made it longer and move involved, especially if he had actually given it a conclusion or showed occurred even later in life.

There's two more works of his coming out soon, one for Dokidoki Precure and another for Photokano, and both have been ordered, so the wait shan't be too long.  I hope those are much harder in terms of kink and story.

The 10 Year Story of My Father and Sister that I Never Knew (Original) [Bitch Bokujou]

Release #202

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Make Short Work of It

A very short book with Bianca and Sancho, I'm assuming it follows this, which we'll get too soon as well.
I find DQV stuff very soothing to work on, Bianca and Flora are both great choices.

Turning My Master's Bride Candidate Into a Whoree 2009 Spring Omake (Dragon Quest V) [Sato Samitt]

Release #197

Not that I don't like Mai Shiranui, but I chose this because it's Butagoya, and it was short and easy to get through.  When you like an artist, try to leave nothing behind!

Mai Revolution (King of Fighters) [Butagoya]

Release #198

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dumpster Dive

It's been a while, but someone's contributed to these Amatsukami donor projects, and has expressed interested in doing all of them.  The story of Luna's regression into a stupid sex slave by the hands of the enormous Ramus continue, and some real developments begin to occur.

The Cumdumpster Princess of Burg 3 (Lunar: Silver Star Story) [Amatsukami]

Release #188

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Bianca is treated like a common whore and gangbanged for a night.  Seems to be a regular occurrence with her.  There's a first part to this, but this one seemed more interesting.

The Woman Who Failed to Become the Heavenly Bride II (Dragon Quest 5) [Roshiman]

Release #187

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Panic Attack

Bianca is kidnapped by Jami, how unique and creative is that setup?  Still, I love seeing Bianca and Flora having such things done to them repeatedly, it really doesn't get old.

In other news, a contributor has sponsored at least volumes 3 and 4 of the Cumdumpster of Burg series, if not all of them.

Monster Panic! (Dragon Quest 5) [Udonko Bitch]

Release #186

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleeping Sows

Here's the other doujinshi Bitch Bokujou released for Comiket 83, a book where the girls of SAO are raped by their care provider while they're in their game-induced comas.  I wish the artist had expanded on a few parts, like the special way the doctor "feeds" his patients.

We've had the digital version done for a long time, but decided to wait until Kalevala was able to scan the physical book for us, big props to him.  Since there's quite a difference between the scan and digital versions due to weird cropping choices on the Japanese side, I think it'll be fitting to just release both.  The only real difference, other than the massive detail and quality boost, is that the dicks are less censored.  Someone need to introduce this guy to the little black bar.  I also know DLsite will allow releases that aren't mosaic'd, and it can handle huge filesizes, so why he continues to go this route boggles me.

A SAO Book Drawn by a Man Driven Insane by Bashing his Head Against a Wall (Sword Art Online) [Bitch Bokujou]
E-Hentai: Scan / Digital
DDL: Scan / Digital

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thorough Sex Help

Flora feels inadequate in bed, so she asks Bianca for some help and counseling, but winds up receiving far more than she bargained for.

This one surprisingly hadn't been translated yet, and this artist tends to be quite popular.  It also appears to be unrelated to the Sancho Show series, since Flora ends up cheating on Andy with the Hero for financial security.  The book that came before this, apparently from 2004, hasn't been scanned at all.  There's still more of his work floating out there raw, so maybe we'll try to get a handle on the better ones available.  Doujin-Moe worked on the most recent DQ5 book, but it's still behind their paywall.  I like being able to see Chiro's art evolve throughout the last half decade, he's definitely done a lot of work in the breasts, nipples, and face.  Hope he does more DQ NTR down the line!

Serial cyce.2 (Dragon Quest 5) [Youkai Tamanokoshi]

Monday, March 4, 2013

Posing with Peace Signs, “Say, Dick Cheese!” and Smile!

One of our favorite artists gave us two selections from this past Comic Market, but we're only now getting them out since we'd had the books physically ordered and scanned for maximum quality by Kalevala.  Quality's a relative term here, since it seems the dude uses a budget print house and doesn't always allow for margins to eliminate gutter shadow when scanned.  You may not notice if you don't buy physical doujinshi, but the print, the paper stock, and the binding make a large difference in how well it holds together after being opened and flipped through.  Any anime that features otaku making doujinshi will bring that subject up.

The first one is focused on the mothers in Smile Precure! being taken a certain Yagihiko, [(Goatboy?) perhaps a distant relative of Butahiko (Pigboy)] who somehow manages to man up and seduce them into his own mature Precure harem.  This one's a good length at over 50 pages, so enjoy.

ACF and I both feel like Bitch Bokujou isn't at his A game lately even though we appreciate the work.  That certainly raw quality just isn't here in the same way, if that makes much sense.  If the SAO book he also released for C83 had been the long one, we may have seem that type of depravity he does best shrine through more.  A lower sized digital version of that was uploaded recently, but we'll be waiting on something a little more beefy and less pixelated before presenting.

HAPPYEND DE BANEND (Smile Precure!) [Bitch Bokujou]
E-Hentai / ExHentai - please downvote the shotacon tag for maximum exposure.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goddess Bless

Belldandy being stolen away from Keiichi appears to be the most common occurrence in Ah! My Goddess smut, but did you ever notice that it never goes too ridiculous like we've seen with other series?  Only Joy Division seems to the milk the netorare angle for what it's worth.  Midgard may be done, but there's still a few books for this series floating around out there, but sadly, many of them are tiny low quality images not worth touching.  Maybe that'll change someday.  I also hope Joy Division would just do a normal comic one day.

Nightmare of My Goddess - Following Road (Ah! My Goddess) [Tenzan Factory]

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowel Sunday III

Since we more or less reactivated only a little while ago from our sabbatical, we didn't have much time to invest in a large offering this year, but we tried.  I don't think either of us enjoys SAO very much, so naturally this doujinshi that degrades and humiliates Asuna was impossible to pass up.  You should know Hakueki's deal by now, so you can take a guess what happens.  Thankfully is was a good scan too and not a digital file (that Hanasaku Iroha book is just calling me, but it's censored!)  The final two unedited pages are just with the eyes and Kirito's bubbles removed.  We'll have more releases later.

Sorry about the Momo bit, GaruPan fans.  At least it seems like something the president would make her do.

Well, I've got no dog in this game.  Go commercials!

Sow ART IFLINE (Sword Art Online) [Hakueki Shobou]

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All Along the Cocktower

One of the lovely DQ5 heroines is taken by Jami and raped in his tower, sounds like a good time. Not to much to say, but more Dragon Quest is always fun and I hope DQX provides a lot of female ogre smut. This was a collaboration with Anonygoo through LWB.

The Horse Waiting with the Bride on the Top Floor of the Tower is Rather Rough (Dragon Quest 5) [misonou]

Friday, November 11, 2011

Screaming For Vengeance

Your trap shota childhood friend has been kidnapped and forcibly penetrated, are you a bad enough dude to rescue him from anal destruction? Coproduction with Dark Mac of LWB.

The Angel's Footsteps (Original) [Kenji Nanamatsu]
E-Hentai / ExHentai

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Fantastic Adventures of Cheating

We've been a bit backed up, so here's a nice big fat double release to sate your desires. Well, not that grandiose, but still nice! First up is a netorare vignette for each of the Dragon Quest 5 heroines. Also, I know that netorare consists of a broad idea about cheating and stealing, but what does it mean to you personally? For me, it ain't netorare unless they're begging for babbies.

Heavenly Bride (Dragon Quest 5) [Alice no Takarabako]

Second we have a great piece from Yunioshi about a very underrated and overlooked early OVA that I highly suggest. If you liked Windaria or The Time Stranger, Genmu Senki Leda by the same director (as well as most of Pokemon), as the same character designer as as Windaria. In this, Leda gets a bit more personal with her talking dog companion, Lingam.

The Fantastic Adventures of Lingam (Genmu Senki Leda) [YA-ZY]
E-Hentai / ExHentai

Oh, and there's another good release that we've got cooking up with LWB, for all you futanari demon girl lovers.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Bitch is Back

After years of waiting, the thrilling conclusion to "To Love Hittori Buhi" is here, To Love-hi Plus!" In this book, Rito meets up again with Lala, Haruna, and Mikan, and more girls are added to the Pig Boy's harem. I'm convinced netorare is the perfect solution to spineless and dickless harem protagonist, and that's cared for expertly at the conclusion of this book.

It wasn't nearly as long as I was hoping it would be, so it feels a little rushed and disjointed, but it's still decent enough for the sort of content I enjoy. Luckily for me, I care a good deal about story and dialog, and Bitch Bokujou always delivers the goods on that, even if his art is pretty damn unsightly. But in a way, doesn't exaggerated and ridiculous art heighten and enhance the experience of bizarre fetish stories like what he and Amatsukami do? But if he drew half as well as most of the other artists I adore (like Sago-jou and Yunioshi), he'd probably also be one of ACF's favorites. It'd be cool to see some feedback about art versus story/dialog, and whether one can carry the others.

You wouldn't believe the amount of effort that went in to procuring this doujinshi, so, many thanks to a certain bro from LWB who graciously helped me out. Not sure what we'll do with the raw or the inferior hairless version. And would it kill the artist to provide a little big bigger material? DLsite is fully capable of giving us large resolution images, and we're still dealing with this 850 by 1000 stuff.

My big wish is that sequel to Heavenly Bitch Bride would come out, putting more detail into the raising of the daughters and what becomes of them after they're all sold off.

To Love-hi Plus! (To Love-Ru) [Bitch Bokujou]
E-Hentai / ExHentai