Thursday, January 20, 2011


Goddamn this doujin was hot, much like ALL of Kutani's stuff. Just the things he does with a pencil blows everyone else out of the water. And then those ahegao faces, those tongues, those areola. The man is a beast and AXZ would be nothing without him.

So we talked it out and decided that we'll be churning out something Kutani related every so often, not as often as the brown skinned stuff though. More like whenever we feel the time is right. Or maybe you all can voice an opinion and tell us which one you'd like to see next. I'm feeling like that Fate/stay night one myself. Maybe I'll make a poll or something.

Nekomimi Shibori (Asobi ni Iku Yo!) [AXZ (Kutani)]


  1. Thanks a lot for this one. Downloaded as fast I could. Kutani works magic with his pencil. And then there's everything you mentioned. Couldn't agree more. I'll be looking forward to more of his works.

    As for possible next things from him, having just looked at the Fate/Stay Night one, I approve. That or his Seikon no Qwaser doujin or his HoTD one. I haven't seen those floating around in English though they're supposedly out there. Maybe I'm not searching hard enough...

  2. he certainly is one one the best, i love everything he does his style alone is mind blowing together with erect sawaru. No one can draw things as they do

  3. definitely have to second afro thunda's comment. kutani is easily in my top 20. i'm sure most fappers would agree a top 10 is simply too small a list

  4. Yeah, I have about 20 favorites as well.

  5. If you guys continue translating Kutani works, I'll follow this blog religiously

  6. @Afro Thunda, I'm guessing the Seikon and High school doujins were Doujin-moe members only since I do have them but they aren't posted in Ehentai.

    But yeah you can't go wrong with translating more Kutani, he's one of the best. Quickly looking over the untranslated ones on EH that F/SN one does look the most promising one, though the Rei eva doujin is quite good as well.

  7. To me, Kutani is AXZ greatest artist and one of my very very favorites artists.

    If you guys have a way to import the doujins, you could do something like taking donations to import this Kutani doujin that is in nowhere of the internet:

    I couldn't find it even in Utatane.