Saturday, January 8, 2011


The first of many planned Cattleya doujinshi. A lot with Rana and pregnancy, anyway. Sort of a personal project of mine along with Female Warrior of DQIII. You'll be seeing a lot of Manya and Villetta too just by the virtue of them being chocolate goddesses. Let me if know there's any specific doujinshi of those four women you want to see sooner than others. I believe all together, they account for like 75-odd projects.

Queen's Blade Pi Cattleya Chapter (Queen's Blade) [Simizuya Gofukuten]

Fool Fool

Chapter 2. Rather short, which makes it easier to get them out. I think for now I still prefer Fire Bomber.

Fool for the City Ch.2 (FftC) [Mamoru Nagano] *Non-H*
EH Gallery

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Favor House Gensokyo

The latest from Tex-Mex (aka Rei Hiroe, the man behind Black Lagoon). Apparently, this one's a two-parter, so look forward to it in c80 or whenever he stops whining about manga pirates and gets back to work.

Blu: Jeez, I didn't even realize it was him until you pointed it out. No wonder it looks so familiar.

Touhou Enrashou Joukan (Touhou Project) [Tex-Mex]

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get Back

Here's a little gem from c79. This one's not much of an actual doujin, but it's fucking hilarious, especially if you know what LL's real name is.

Blu: It was fuggin' tiny, only 500px in width. So get our your magnifies to read the thing.

Lisa Lisa the Showgirl (JJBA pt.2) [Konkit]

Shit, right?

Have you ever wondered where all those cakes that Mugi buys end up? Well look no further, friends. This one's a commission from fullmetalargo, and you can download it HERE. Ritsu's part kinda reminded me of that one episode of South Park.

B-ON! After School Toilet Time (K-ON!) [Cool Brain] *SCAT*

Choco Banana

A short doujinshi about one of the only reasons to watch Code Geass. Easily the hottest character in the show, hands down, non-arguable. You'll be seeing a lot of her and Manya in the future. Naturally, Lelouche is a cocksucker, which is why this doujin rocks.

And I must add, I have not been thoroughly impressed with what's come out of C79 thus far. Then again, I only really care for those Asobi books by AXZ and Fatalpulse. I hope the rest of you are having more fun.

Ero Ero Villetta-san (Code Geass) [oldwiseman]

Monday, January 3, 2011

Beaches & Shores

The rest of a manga commissioned courtesy of Raikoh. Since it's over, I wonder what they'll be doing next. We did chapters 5, 10, and 11 of this one. You can find the complete version at Doujin-Moe's site or the link provided below.

Oneppyu - Mature Women Like Semen - Complete (Original) [Andou Hiroyuki]