Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Women in Uniform

What if Selvaria wasn't able to go through with her sacrifice when the Gallian Army captured her at Ghirlandaio, but instead turned into a sex slave? Seems like this Valkyria is a little too loyal to her subordinates, and things go horribly wrong (or right). Surprisingly, there's no scat. A rare miss for Nozarashi.

This is another effort with LWB, translated by Imari. Other links and commentary at their blog.

So I also own a physical copy of this that I got at a Megacon, and never noticed the big penis at the end or the birth until I flipped through it for reals.

*Updated links because some files were out of order.

Sexual Valkyria - Come, Inside of Selvaria (Valkyria Chronicles) [Nozarashi]

The Missing Frame

We've finally gotten around to doing chapter 2 of this, which should help explain how they got into their respective predicaments in chapter 3. There's a new chapter out for this arc which I guarantee you'll enjoy, and another one after that, and then we'll go back to the student council president's arc.

Public Toilet Ch.2 - Indulgence Chapter (Original) [Hakaba/Dairiseki]

In other news, scans have surfaced for the latest in my other favorite bondage series, so go check it out.