Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bite the Hand that Feeds

Well, here it is, our 100th release. So decided to celebrate with doing a work which represented our humble beginnings, of a short Youkai Tamanokoshi doujinshi where Keita netorares away some of Kaoru's inukami and then impregnates them. You know, vanilla stuff. Sadly, I think is just about all of the Inukami! doujinshi that have been scanned on the internet, and slim pickings for what hasn't been. As for the future, it'll be fun to see what else comes out, but we still have an enormous backlog on content to chew through, and it's nice to be a bit overwhelmed by material, it feels like you'll never have a shortage of items to work on. Hopefully in the next hundred releases, we'll see even more great works of Chocolate.

ACF: It's been a pleasure translating stuff for you guys, and I'm glad you've all enjoyed it. Thanks for the support, and I look forward to translating the next 100.

Chigitta! (Inukami!) [Yorimichi]