Friday, January 13, 2012


Here we have one of the release I was waiting for from Comiket 81, the sequel to one of Nise Kurosaki's Garnet doujins where Makina and Garnet descend upon a young man and have their way with him. Did designs work so perfectly with Makoto Uno's original buxom characters, it's beautiful. I really wish more Dragonaut doujinshi had been made, but being such a bad show kind of has that effect. So this was an important release for us because it's my first TETRODOTOXIN title, and I hope to do more in the future. I know this one was highly anticipated by fans, so enjoy.

Still waiting to see YA-ZY's Monster Hunter, Bakunyu Fullnerson's continuation of the Minea and Manya futanari story, Hakueki Shobou's Black Time 3, Cevoy's DQV, and DA HOOTCH's DQIV. But having things come out in a staggered release is actually better for us, so we can focus on each one individually instead of scrambling.

Public Toilet final chapter should be on deck next, so no need to worry.

Makina and Garnet's New Year's Eve SEX Party 2 (Dragonaut) [TETRODOTOXIN]


  1. Mediafire ddl is set to private.

  2. So much ass.... just the way I like it.

    Thanks guys!

  3. YES.

    I have been hoping someone would translate this, and I should have expected you would jump on this. SO GOOD.

    Thanks :D

  4. I love you for doing this (no homo)!!!!