Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back in Black

Seems like despite the girls' skin, the most of the brown material out there's pretty vanilla. If I had even a shred of artistic ability I'd change that, but alas, all I can do is decode moonrunes. But she's got a garter belt, and there's even a little incest on the side, so that'll have to do. Now let's just hope the artist comes to his senses and decides to make a series out of this. Way too good a premise for a one-off, you know?

Anekano x Honkano (Original) [Nico Pun Nise]
E-Hentai / ExHentai


  1. Noticed a couple typos:

    mangaka's name:
    "Nikobun Nise" -> "Nico Pun Nise"

    page 10 (Image023.png):
    "insticts" -> "instincts"

    (And to be overly persnickety: The folder & archive name is missing a closing parenthesis!)

  2. Really thanks a lot, I love so much the Nico Pun Nise works ;D (now to keep waiting the chapter 3 of "Lunar: Silver Star Story - Burg no Benkihime")

  3. Love Nico Pun Nise a lot as well. I've been wondering though guys if we were ever going to get anymore of the Kangoku Senkan series? Thanks for this translation all the same!

  4. Awww; this was incredible, but the last panel made me sad. ;_;

  5. Awesome. Excellent post by a great mangaka. Many thanx guys.

  6. Many thank, Nico Pun Nise it's one the mangakas that do dark skin I love that on his works

  7. @CatgirlLover yes is sad but is excellent for the beginning of the sequel chapter ;D, specially with this author ;D

  8. Thank you guys for this release.

  9. ¿Huh? I feel like crying for the imouto.

    Thanks for this!