Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oye Como Va

Another short Horizon doujin to make up for the short Neito book. This one features the second best Spanish girl and her husband. Kind of a shame there isn't much material for Team Spain, but hopefully they'll fix that when S2 rolls around. The context is a bit poorly explained in this one, so just in case you're wondering, it's after the Mikawa rebellion. Muneshige's recovering, but Gin is still pissed, since Futayo told her how she had "sex" with her husband. Not exactly the brightest member of team Japan, but at least she's useful.

Seifu Kijutsujou no Meoto Zenzai - Testament Sanctioned Happy Marriage (Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon) [Kabocha Daiou]


  1. Thanks a lot from Spain for tranlaste this Tres España doujin. So adorable Gin-san :3. Then, the best Tres España girl, for you, is doña Juana ;D?

    Un saludo