Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally another Nozarashi doujinshi down. This is quite a bit early on, so his style is rougher and less clean than it is today, and his poop design has also changed over the years. Here we have Kyouhime, his mainstay heroine, being abused and used because she killed some gang members. It's just a book of her being tied up, raped, given a dick, shat on, and drinking piss – awesome. It's becoming a trend, but this another collaboration with Dark Mac of LWB, whom I hope will also bring the thunder to C82.

Enslavement! Kyouhime's Fall to Hell (Original) [Nozarashi Satoru]


A quickie to fill time. I edit these sometimes just to catch up on podcasts, extremely cathartic work when it doesn't require much intensive editing. Collaboration with the ever-illustrious Dark Mac of LWB.

What's everyone looking forward to from this Summer Comiket? Any particular looks, or just whatever an artist is doing is fine?

Swallow My Drillcock Gungnir
(Touhou Project) [Shirakawa Tomoaki]

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


A collaboration with Dark Mac of LWB, we bring you one shitty book. I like this guy's ideas and themes, but even I can't get into the artstyle much.

Gulping of the Sacred Shit (Seirei no Moribito) [Matazure Tengoku]