Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Can Dark Do For You?

Chinbotsu must have a serious thing for bespectacled ordinary futanari suddenly being bestowed with the girl of amazingly beautiful and voluptuous dark skinned amazons.  This follows two previous chapters where such a thing occurred, and this time it's a village chieftain who seeks our protagonist out to be her mate, they can be found here and here.

Amazoness Delivery (Original) [Chinbotsu]

Release #201

And thanks to bllyang on EH for uploading that Bitch Bokujou doujinshi.  For it to happen so soon after I made that post would either have to be him seeing it and responding, or some kind of fantastic coincidence.  That will definitely be gotten to shortly.

Fool for the Titty

I really like this artist. Excellent art, and great taste in fetishes. Too bad he doesn't release stuff more often though.

Anyway, this is our 200th release. Hard to believe we've been doing this for 3 years now. Thanks to BluMeino for putting up with me, and for all you kind people out there who enjoy our translated pornography.

Mirupara! Milk Paradise!  (Original) [Mumumu Jirushi (MUMU)]

Release #200


Comiket 84 is coming up soon, and our (my) favorite guy has two more works coming out.  I've been patient with a release that came out a couple of months back, but it has not yet been posted to EH or wherever as of yet, and I'd like to not miss of Bitch Bokujou's work, so maybe someone with the ability can look into getting this out there.  It's an original and I believe digital only doujinshi.  Here's the DLsite link.

As for our two hundredth release, I guess the next big thing will be five hundred?  We have more than enough stuff that can be worked on, so no fears that we'll ever run out. -Blu