Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chocolate Christmas

Here's an early Christmas present for you guys, since you've been so good all...3 months or so since we started.

First off: some doujins and h-manga commissioned by Raikoh:

The Sancho Show (Dragon Quest V) [Youkai Tamanokoshi]


The Sancho Show 2 (Dragon Quest V) [Youkai Tamanokoshi]


The Sancho Show 3 - Granbear ODA (Dragon Quest V) [Youkai Tamanokoshi]

The Fall of Bonney (One Piece) [Crimson Comics]

Oneppyu - Mature Women Like Semen - Ch.5 (Original) [Andou Hiroyuki]

And finally, one from us.

Double Prison (Kangoku Senkan/Prison Battleship) [Don Shigeru]


Blu: And I'm seeing Double Prison
ACF: That'll probably be it for the year, guys. We'll be back in 2011 when the c79 scans start surfacing, plus we'll be continuing the KS manga and more Fool for the City.