Friday, March 18, 2011

Up All Night

Yet another collaborative effort between Little White Butterflies and us. Gotta love that mind-breaking of strong female warriors. You can also find other links and whatnot at LWB's blog.

Kanu Rouraku (Ikkitousen) [Himekuya]

Dazed and Abused

Been a while since I made a post, hasn't it? I've been rather busy attempting to make sense of the Majestic Stand arc of Five Star Stories and finishing FF13 I MEAN STUDYING.

Anyway, ever since I saw that Bakuman doujin we did a while back, I've become a huge fan of this artist, and I will dedicate my half of the group's projects to translating his other works. There's a couple chapters preceding this, and another to come, probably in next month's Mujin magazine, so look forward to it.

P.S: This is unrelated to his other work of the same name, which uses a different kanji.

Blu- Donate to the Red Cross, not us.

Public Toilet: Capture (Original) [Dairiseki/Hakaba]

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dem Elfs

A commission from Doujin-Moe. Futas and elfs and sperm and stuff that we actually did a while ago but I guess kinda got forgotten about. I believe it's part of a larger tankobon by the artist. You can also find it on Doujin-Moe's site.

In other news, I'm gonna start adding some longer works to the Donor Projects. Be sure to suggest things for us to consider.

Sempai and I - A Girl's Awakening (Original) [Somejima]

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is the first completed in a short list of donor projects we've set up. We chose to go to Lunar and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Seriously, Amatsukami's amount of dialog makes B^U look reserved. There's four of these so far and I believe there are more on the way, so it'll probably be a long time before we can get through them all. The first two were paid for by an anonymous contributor, or at least he didn't leave a name for us to mention him by.

As for the doujinshi itself, it follows some extreme netorare happenings between Alex and Luna caused by Ramus, the lovable pudgy kid. I've never played Lunar, but I did watch all the cutscenes on YouTube. Makes the corruption all the sweeter when you have some semblance of what's going on. I'm not sure when we'll have the second one out, maybe another week or so. After that it depends on who wants to contribute or not. No biggie to us, we've always got hundreds of other things to work on. It's just due to the massive amount of translation and editing required, I'm not sure we can do this dude's stuff as anything but Donor Projects or commissions. If there's any other things you want to see put up as joint efforts, let us know in the Donor Project's comment box.

Amatsukami in his art and setup of story remind me of Bitch Bokujo, but takes way too long to get to the point, and the situations are less humorous.

The Cumdumpster Princess of Burg (Lunar: Silver Star Story) [Amatsukami]