Friday, March 9, 2012

Jail House Rock

A doujin with one of the girls from the second Kangoku Senkan game. We've been neglecting the KS manga for a while, but we'll probably do the next KS doujin featuring the girls from the first game soon.

Lust Prison (Kangoku Senkan) [Don Shigeru]

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Read the News Today; Oh Boy!

Sadly this recent presentation from Ooba Nii is not brown, a demon, or a cow. But it still features his unique enormous breast design that we all adore.

Inuoku (Touhou Project) [Ooba Nii]

Monday, March 5, 2012

Devil's Island

Here's an interesting commission we did wit the DoA girls as prostitutes on some private sex island. Seems like a good time, I like when they chug piss.
The commissioner gave some more info on the specifics about how we approached working on this in the EH gallery information section.

Waku Waku Venus Land Ver. 2 (Dead or Alive) [Megami Kyouten]

Sunday, March 4, 2012


This Ooba Nii guy is tickling all of my right spots. Dark skinned cowgirls with enormously hefty breasts that leak delicious white fluid are our preferred type of woman, and he seems to prefer them as well given his latest few publication appearances. I can't tell how old he's been on the hentai scene, but to our view he's popped up quite recently and made a splash, so we'll absolutely be looking out for more of his works. We already have another in the motions to get translated next.

The image quality of this release is quite poor, I don't know why, but these digital anthologies can have either decent quality or horrendous quality that looks poorly upscaled, even in the same volumes. I've never been a huge fan of digital releases, there's too many variables that can fuck things up: over-censorship by adding more black bars or just slapping on a mosaic (especially on scat), upscale problems, or images that are way too small. About the only upside is that gradients and blacks are true to how they were assembled by the artist, but those are small pros. Though we have to take what we can get and be thankful for at least that, even if it's not preferable. Still, nothing beats a nice high quality scan of a physical item.

I'm becoming a huge fan for this new trend of specific yet short anthology releases we've been seeing. That they all follow themes like brown girls, enormous breasts, or erotic swimwear, and it gives a nice common focus that's lacking from your monthly hentai magazines. I hope it keeps up and allows for more artists to work their way in.

Milch server servant (Original) [Ooba Nii]