Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gentle Giant

There's a treasure trove of good Cattleya doujinshi out there. When other groups ignore the pleasures of a mature woman, we'll be relishing in them. I think I've scouted out the majority of the good stuff, so we'll be suckling off of that for years.

The Wife Who Lets You Fuck (Queen's Blade) [JUMBOMAX]

And another treat

Hentai doujinshi work well when you take characters, keep their traits and attributes, and put them into semi-related sexjobs that somehow tie into the real story. Random sex with no direction is never as creative or fun, or random rape by faceless foes. So making them into sex strippers and prostritutes but keeping their classes of the game is a great mix. Another collaborative effort between LWB and us, translated by Wrathkal. Other links at their site.

I love that since Alice did the art of Female Warrior for Queen's Quest, he gets to somewhat "officially" name her as well. Check out that whole gallery here.

DQ Ero Dance!!
(Dragon Quest III) [Alice no Takarabako]
E-Hentai / ExHentai

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bark at the Moon

The corruption deepens and Luna's ordeal of nasty shit worsens as Ramus' greed for wealth takes over. Alex continues to stand by idly and masturbate while he cries. It's pretty amusing how much abuse he's willing to observe without doing a thing to help the situation. Amatsukami gets far too wordy in his work, and without ACF's colorful diction, they'd be more tiring to work with.

For now, that's all the Amatsukami we can put out. The same person who donated for the first one also covered this release, so all of this fun is courtesy of him. The third installment is the longest but has some of the more interesting fetishes, but in the meanwhile we'll return to our normal releases of goodies.

The Cumdumpster Princess of Burg 02 (Lunar: Silver Star Story) [Amatsukami]
E-Hentai / Ex-Hentai

This and the eventual part 3 will probably be tagged with things that make it Fjord Material, so here's the EXH link too.