Commissions & FAQ

We are not accepting commissioned work until further notice, thank you.

What kind of projects can I commission?
Project Cost Notes
Doujinshi/Manga(chapter) $1.20 per page*** Extra editing*: + $0.15 per item, Decensoring: $0.50 per page (if it's manageable)
Anime** $3/min
Hentai**(video) $2/min
* Extra Editing includes: Excessive dialogue (>10 bubbles per page), TL/replacement of original SFX and cleaning/typsetting of background text.
** Script only. You can make an .ass yourself, or hand it to someone who can; it's entirely up to you.
*** We also offer text only translations if you desire to edit and typeset a work yourself; that price is on a per-item basis, so e-mail to find out.

How do I request a project?
You can reach me at: or Please link me to the raws, and be sure to include any special instructions (otherwise we will translate and edit as we see fit.) Please put "Commission Request" in the e-mail subject field and be sure to include all appropriate links.  If one of us doesn't respond in a reasonable time-frame, try e-mailing the other.

How/When do I pay?
I only accept payment via –––––– donations, which you can find on the homepage.  –––––– accepts most major check/credit cards.
Due to the nature of our work, we ask that you pay up front.
First time customers: may pay a deposit of 30% of the estimate upon request, and the remainder prior to distribution. Return customers are asked to please pay in advance; this system is meant to encourage people unfamiliar with our work only.

How long will it take?
Most manga/doujinshi can be translated and edited within 3-4 days. However, please allow up to 7 days for projects requiring excessive editing and/or translating.
We accept a maximum of two commissions per week, and they are completed in the order received. And please only e-mail us with one commission at a time, this so that everyone can be accommodated within a reasonable frame of time.
Anime/Hentai scripts may require up to 7 days.
All commissions can be expedited for an additional 20% of the original estimate.

Is there material/content you won't accept?
No. We have no restrictions on content, the only deal breaker being poor quality (unreadable/poorly encoded) raws.  We also will likely reject projects that require massive amounts of cleaning and redrawing; the best solution for CGsets is if they also include cleaned/textless versions of the images.

Can I make specific requests?
We'll listen to any concerns or ideas of how you want your commission translated and edited, otherwise we'll use our discretion in how to approach a work.  This usually entails the loss of name honorifics and a more localized/liberal approach to dialog.

Where do you host commissioned projects?
Unless you specifically request us not to, we will post the works on our site, just like non-commissioned works. You will of course be acknowledged and credited as the commissioner.
Your work is missing a page/contains spelling/grammar errors!  What do?
If this is the case, please contact me at the above address, and we will fix it.

 If you have any questions not addressed here, feel free to contact me, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

General FAQ

Can I put your work up on my site?
Sure, as long as it's free for everyone to see.  We'd also appreciate it if you link it back to us.

What's up with the "Chocolate" name?
A triple meaning, sort of.

One being the opposite of vanilla. That means we do literally anything, so no whining/white knighting.
Two for brown girls. We'll be doing a new doujin as often as possible.
Three for, you'll see, eventually...

Can you use X direct-download service instead?
No.  But we'll listen to reasonable suggestions.

Why do some releases not have direct download links?
They are commissions and will be distributed by the commissioner upon their request.