Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ogre Battle

I've (re)awakened to the pleasures of sake lately, and one of my favorite 2-D drinking partners is Yuugi. Her alcohol tolerance is only surpassed by her libido. This time, she gets the drinking out of the way early and gets right to the snu-snu.

By the way, those sake saucers are exactly as much fun to drink out of as they look. I highly suggest you try it sometime.

Aroma Gaeru (Numahana) (Yuugi-san to Nukunuku) [Touhou Project]

Release #189

Also, here finally are the omake bits of that crazyRadiohead scat doujin Dark Mac of LWB and I worked on back in 2011.  It took a while to get everything good and QC'd, mostly my fault due to laziness.  Enjoy.

A Golden Week in August Playing with Grandma Part 3 (Original) [Radiohead]