Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Desperate Widows

ACF didn't write up a draft, so I'll summarize this chapter.  Ryosuke, who was mistakenly translated as Ryota in a previous chapter, now has liaisons with another educator.  I suppose we'll be skipping the next few chapters as they were already previously completed.

Onna Kyoushi no Renai Jijou Ch. 4 (Original) [Nakadera Akira]

Monday, March 4, 2013

Posing with Peace Signs, “Say, Dick Cheese!” and Smile!

One of our favorite artists gave us two selections from this past Comic Market, but we're only now getting them out since we'd had the books physically ordered and scanned for maximum quality by Kalevala.  Quality's a relative term here, since it seems the dude uses a budget print house and doesn't always allow for margins to eliminate gutter shadow when scanned.  You may not notice if you don't buy physical doujinshi, but the print, the paper stock, and the binding make a large difference in how well it holds together after being opened and flipped through.  Any anime that features otaku making doujinshi will bring that subject up.

The first one is focused on the mothers in Smile Precure! being taken a certain Yagihiko, [(Goatboy?) perhaps a distant relative of Butahiko (Pigboy)] who somehow manages to man up and seduce them into his own mature Precure harem.  This one's a good length at over 50 pages, so enjoy.

ACF and I both feel like Bitch Bokujou isn't at his A game lately even though we appreciate the work.  That certainly raw quality just isn't here in the same way, if that makes much sense.  If the SAO book he also released for C83 had been the long one, we may have seem that type of depravity he does best shrine through more.  A lower sized digital version of that was uploaded recently, but we'll be waiting on something a little more beefy and less pixelated before presenting.

HAPPYEND DE BANEND (Smile Precure!) [Bitch Bokujou]
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