Monday, June 11, 2012

Double Dragon Dump

I had been wanting to work on this little piece for quite a long time, too bad it only came to us in digital form, which we all knows means worse censorship than a printed copy. I guess the positives are a controlled large resolution and smoother gradients. In this doujinshi, Bianca and Flora are being tested for their positive qualities in regard to who will make a better wife for the Hero, and the ever-creepy Sancho is around to try them out first-hand. I especially love when DQ5 porn has both the main heroines, they feel like a nice compliment to each other, and of course it reminds me of my favorite doujin. Sucks that this one has a bit of fatherly love so it has to be fjorded, I really wanted it to hit huge.

Double Heavenly Cum Dumps (Dragon Quest 5) [Pintsize]
E-Hentai / ExHentai
Dunno what's up with MF on this, I'll work on it later. New DDL link to use for now, and lots of redundancy. Actually, it'd be swell if some fans of Chocolate could provide some alternative DDLs whenever possible from now on or for past releases, gotta keep this stuff on the net as much as possible and MF.