Monday, September 2, 2013

Bride to Be

The Hero must choose between the three lovely ladies for one to become his bride.  This seems the be the main story that another doujinshi we translated was based off of.  But that was just a dream, so no real Bianca NTR going on.

Eve of the Decision (Dragon Quest 5) [Sato Sammit]

Release #206

Time Stand Still

Finally, Dio Brando Sakuya starts putting her power to good use. Stopping time would be handy for all kinds of things though, not just shagging. Personally, I'd just use it to take a nap during work, or walk into a nice restaurant, eat for free, then leave. That would be pretty cool.

Remember the Time (Touhou Project) [Sakura Dai Energy (Sakurai Energy)]
Release #205