Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rock and Roll Outlaws

Here's the next installment in 2112 the Manga Mamoru and Pals' Foghat Fanfic. This chapter, we're introduced to our heroine, and we learn a little bit more about Rogner too.

A quick note: This isn't mentioned until a future chapter, but it's not really a spoiler: It's stated that playing rock music is a grave offense in Metropolis, which is why all those people died in chapter 1. But as you may have noticed, the guys' instruments are different (note how Russ refers to his Bass as a "rythmer"); They resemble guitars/etc in shape, but are actually synthesizers like the Roland G-77. However, they can produce literally any kind of sound, even human singing. So since they're not actual rock instruments, they aren't busted for doing shows.

Hopefully that should clear up any questions you might be asking.

Fool for the City Ch.3 (FftC) [Mamoru Nagano] *NON-H*

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cum Together

Another Manya for your fapping pleasure. This one has a special surprise inside. You'll know when you see it. Trust me.

Manya Sampo (DQIV) [Abbey Load]

Also someone buy and scan this RIGHT NOW. I will do this for free. Hell, I'll even reimburse you.

Blu: And release Number Fifty is gonna be magical.
Thirty-six inches, red wood, quite springy. And two crystal balls.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where is my Asobi?!

Joint project with LWB, translated by Wrathkal, edited by me. There's a lot of untranslated Kutani out there, and I aim to get to a bulk of it done.

You can also find other mirrors at their site: LittleWhiteButterflies

Hibiki Maniac (Amagami) [AXZ (Kutani)]

And here's one I did for LWB's 12 Days of Christmas. Bunch of black guys raping them until they love it, Mike Tyson style.

Download links over at LWB's Blog.

Chin-koi! (Nyan-koi) [RPG Company 2]