Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boringman, now with 10% less Boring!

This is Bitch Bokujo's 5th big work, and also our longest aside from some Wan Piss, hooray! No idea what he's doing next, but you can find his blog here. I opted to do the hairy version, since it makes sense given the content. I wish I had the hairy version for his To Love-Ru book as well, since Lala even references her newly grown ass hair at one point (but it's bald). And if you like Bitch Bokujo, I recommend Amatsukami; the content and art style of his work is very similar. We even have a few up in the Donor Projects, mostly because of the amount of text is ridiculous. So it'd be cool if you guys fund that for us.

"Start From the Loins" Bitch Work (Bakuman) [Bitch Bokujo]

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Brown Girls are the Best

I think there's only two Dragonaut doujinshi left that feature Garnet, and they're also both futanari. I think we'll be getting to those sometime next year (unless someone wants to make it happen quicker). They can be found here and here.

For sure, Garnet was the only thing worth watching for in this show, aside from all of the other titty-monsters. GONZO wastes potential doing TV anime when they should have been doing hentai all along.

And UCF ranked #25 in the BCS, going up against Georgia at the Liberty Bowl.

Obedience Training With Futanari Garnet (Dragonaut) [F.A.]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The "Weird Al" Azif Show

I may not be a christian, but come this time of year, I'm still reminded of my favorite holy book. So here's a doujin where the Pnakotic Manuscripts assists in the rape of the Mad Arab's unholy creation. Now I'm not exactly a fan of loli, but being a Lovecraft buff, I couldn't say no to this one.

Unhappy Girl B/1 (Demonbane) [Happy Man]

Since it's finals week, I'll be pretty busy for the next few days. But we'll try to get some short releases out for you until I'm back on track.