Monday, November 15, 2010

The Only Good Touhou

I'll gladly work on any doujinshi featuring the most beautiful and charming woman in all Gensokyo. Those other flat whores can all suck it.

Edit: Except for Dio Brando. She can watch.

Yukari, Please Wear Your Panties!! (Touhou) [HoneyBump]

Added an e-mail to the FAQ.


  1. "I'll gladly work on any doujinshi featuring the most beautiful and charming woman in all Gensokyo."

    Does that mean you are taking suggestions?

  2. Go ahead and suggest. It might take us a while to get to them because of all the stuff we need to get through first, but commissions expedite that process.

  3. Awesome! There are so many good Yukari doujinshi out there; I have to resist the urge to post my entire Yukarin folder here. Anyway, if you are willing to throw either of the following into the queue, that'd be neat:

    [Tagitsuki] Murasakiai - This artist has like 800 Yukari doujinshi but I can't find scans for hardly any of them.
    [Shijyou Misaki] Subete ga Murasaki ni Naru - Artstyle can be weird sometimes but has some cute facial expressions.

    ... I can't commission anything right now though, I just spent way too much on an order from Toranoana (including two Yukari doujinshi by Tagitsuki which look promsing).

  4. Hey guys, saw your comments on our donation drive.

    Maybe for C79 we should sit together and discuss what projects each of us is gonna work on (in real-time as scans trickle in) so we don't have any run-ins. Always sucks when two groups work on the same fucking thing, because one of them could have spent their time on something else and stuff.

    That is, if you are one of the groups wanting to do speed translations on comiket stuff. We had other guys like YQII come over to our forums to sort this out, worked pretty well.

  5. Wish I was still in Japan to catch it. Shit was a fucking blast.

    Yeah, that would be a good idea. The catalogue should be coming out in a few weeks, so I can try browsing through that.

    I'll pop into the forums and check it out sometime.