Friday, March 18, 2011

Dazed and Abused

Been a while since I made a post, hasn't it? I've been rather busy attempting to make sense of the Majestic Stand arc of Five Star Stories and finishing FF13 I MEAN STUDYING.

Anyway, ever since I saw that Bakuman doujin we did a while back, I've become a huge fan of this artist, and I will dedicate my half of the group's projects to translating his other works. There's a couple chapters preceding this, and another to come, probably in next month's Mujin magazine, so look forward to it.

P.S: This is unrelated to his other work of the same name, which uses a different kanji.

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Public Toilet: Capture (Original) [Dairiseki/Hakaba]


  1. So she's got a double standard huh? Is this part of a series or a oneshot?

  2. It'll be part of a tankobon, but the chapters look unrelated.

  3. I think they are at least somewhat related since we see the blonde girl from the first chapters in a couple panels.

    At any rate Hakaba is great and so are you guys for translating this! Thanks.

  4. It's a part of series. It started in 2010-09, then 2010-10, this one, and the next is supposed to be in the next# 2011-05.
    And thank you for doing it, less of Hakaba's stuff I wanted to do myself or so I'd like to.

  5. @simhauu The arc involving this girl began in the sept issue. There's another arc about a different girl starting in april, but I suppose I may as well finish this arc first.

  6. @ACF Yeah I know, about student council president or what was she, but I just meant this girl arc. ._. If you'd want help, I'm on a volunteering spree to do stuff.

  7. Well it was kind of bound to end badly for the two. Hakabas stories often don't end nicely (i can only think of Student Council's Sex Desire and Transvestite Love for nice endings), then again which hentais do?

    Wonder if he will have them one of these hollow abused but together endings?

    Also judging by where i've seen the female uniforms he seems to be using one (of the usual fucked up variation) school as setup for several stories right now.

  8. @simhauu We've got this arc covered, but if you want to start on the student council girl's story that would help complete the series much faster. I appreciate the help!

  9. Links seem to be down... :(