Thursday, April 7, 2011

Public Toilet Ltd.

We're doing this one all backwards it seems. Apparently there's more interstitial chapters from other COMIC Mujins releases, but they don't pertain to these characters as much. So now you get to see an NTR situation happen in reverse. I'm pretty sure we're get this whole thing done somehow, in some order or another. Things really are so much easier when the tanks are released.

ACF: To clear things up a little, the public toilet is a system put in place by the school where a girl is chosen each month as a means of venting frustrations among the student body. The beginning chapters of the story are about the student council president, who is chosen to be the new toilet, whereas this one is more a personal thing between Ryo and Chika (though it ends up going horribly wrong).

Public Toilet: Love (Original) [Dairiseki/Hakaba]


  1. SO before this they both had mind problems.Hope aleast get his chick or toy back doesn't matter.Aleast get revenge on the girls that gangraped him.

  2. You guys know that there is one more chapter between this and your first release, which not only details these two "lovers" trying out new kinks but also how the light haired guy with the closed eyes notice them doing it?

    I hope you will translate this aswell.

    Kind of strange seeing these two find together, knowing what will happen to them in the end.

    But hey it's Hakaba he is not really known for nice endings.

    Though i wonder if the next Comic Mujin chapter will still follow these two or if it will start a new story set around this school and it's "public toilet" programm?

  3. i think hakaba is my new favorite person :)

  4. sr, there is a chap in COMIC mujin 2010-11 , I think it is between 2 chap here

  5. Yup, it starts here. The blonde chick is actually the dude in this chapter who's wearing a wig.

  6. Yeah, I'll get to the in between chapter asap. Fortunately, it is a bit more bondage-ey than this one.

  7. does anone have the raw's

  8. the next chapter now available !!!
    comic mujin 5/2011

    and it's awesome , man ^^

    i love hakaba so much ^^

  9. please translate chapters 2 and 4, they look good!

  10. As far as I know Chocolate Releases 76, 80, 88, 95, 101, 107, & 131 are the only ones so far that pertain to this title...? It was a pain in the ass just to go through all my downloads, label, and delete duplicates. I was hoping to find 1 single definitive download.