Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Break Up

Here's the third chapter of the Prison Battleship manga, all about Naomi this time. It seems this manga must be nearing completion, because the tankobon is already scheduled for August. I think we might hold off on future chapters until that thing can get scanned and we can take a gander at it to see if if it provides any vast improvements over these Toushin Engi scans. So far, I can't complain about what we've had to work with too bad, the censorship is minimal and the quality is decent.

Here's the preview:

And I'm gonna start including a smegma tag, because I want to.

Kangoku Senkan (Adaptation) [Kusunoki Rin]


  1. Toushin Engi is 20 volumes total, or volume 21 is seriously delayed as they used to release monthly. Volume 20 had the scene where the "real" versions of them were getting gangraped, so the aftermath might be reserved for the tankobon anyways unless it continued in another magazine that I'm unaware of.

    Thanks for another release as always, I'm always looking forward to more stuff from you guys.

  2. Why do the Japanese seem to think that smegma is sexy? That's one of the things I could never get into in the game.