Monday, September 19, 2011

Milkmaid of Human Kindness

Not often you get the brown girl/lactation combo (not often enough, anyway), and to top it all off, she's an elf AND a maid. Can't get much better than that, really. Well I guess if she were real, you could. I mean, I spend all day in front of a computer too, and I'd sure love to have a brown lactating elf-maid around the house.

Milky Break (Original) [Konmori]


  1. I think we'd all want a maid like that! Thanks for translating this!

  2. Tyvm this was awesome

  3. So very very cute and heartwarming.. I really like the male in this too, he's so passionate and tender.. and he fucks her oh so nicely. Perfect dream couple you like, just want the best for ♥

    Thanks for sharing this amongst the more downright nasty and incredibly obscene works.. it makes such delicious contrast that adds a lot of flavour to a masturbation session sometimes.