Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flash of the Sword

Another interesting book from everyone's perennial favorite, ShindoL, this time from DQIV and starring the seldom used female hero of that series: Sofia. This was a sort of rough read due to it being just more tragic than any kind of arousing, and features quite an odd end, but maybe not as dreadful as his Dragon Quest III release a year ago. If he continues going in order of games, I'm stoked to see what he'd do with Bianca and Flora [and Deborah], and hopefully their daughters too. That would be one damn amazing book regardless of content. This was a joint release with Nashrakh of LWB, with whom I conspired to release that aforementioned book.

Heroine in the Cart (Dragon Quest 4) [DA HOOTCH]


  1. Yikes.

    I've been noticing this trend towards abortion/baby killing lately in his work.

    Think I'll avoid his stuff until it changes back. Continuing to push the envelope isn't always as good thing, Shindo.

  2. I've gotta agree with you there. One of the three things I can't stand in hentai/porn is in this (Gore), so I'm out.

  3. Shindo saddens me. I love the art work a lot. Some of the best out there in my opinion but the story lines are the exact opposite. They are the worst things I have ever read. I am going to have to read a lot of vanilla to counter what I just read.

  4. This scanlation release was only 2 hours away from being exactly one year after the aforementioned one. I know that to some degree that Comiket's end of the year nature is responsible, but it still seems like impressive timing to me.

    Thanks for the release.

    1. Actually, I wrote up this post at that time but didn't post it until around 9:30.

  5. Usually like the extreme stuff of this artist but this is going too far. Fells really bad when something like this happens. My hearth is broken :'(