Monday, February 6, 2012


We probably should have gotten this to Full Metal Argo (commissioner) sooner so it could be part of SBSII yesterday, but we choked, so here it is now to celebrate a sweet defeat for the 18-1's.
As for the contents of the book, there seems to be a small market for showing the various K-ON and Key girls on the toilet.

Afterschool Shit Time (K-ON!) [GOLD DUST]


  1. It's so splendid. Thank you chocolate-sama XD

    Not wanting to be picky at all, but if I could pick an artist I certainly would choose Saotome-lab works, or Cool brain.

    My top list bown:
    1° Saotome-lab
    2° Cool-brain
    3° Shiina Nami (or Namiroji)
    3,5° Nozarashi

    Anyway, I am your fã, and I am eternally grateful =D

  2. I have commissioned a few of those in the past. Its not super expensive pick one you like (or even a chapter) and help the cause!