Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Pulled Into Nazareth

This should be the final installment in Hakueki Shobou's tale of Mugi's downfall and metamorphosis. Mugi and John are on the lam, the fuzz keeps chasing them down to nab John for his past crimes and Mugi for being a missing person, and this really interferes with their lifestyle. Will they ever be able to escape and find true happiness on the open road?

This was another collaborative effort between Nashrakh of LWB and myself. Took us a while to get it out, due to laziness.

Keep on Truckin'

Black Time 3 (K-ON!) [Hakueki Shobou]


  1. Many thanks BluMeino and Nashrakh.

  2. This image kinda sums up my state :

    Props on working on original material, you guys deserve many thanks O_o

  3. The nigger was in bad taste, I'll pass.