Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sister Krishna

Okay, that one was a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, I'm back from my vacation and finally getting off my ass to translate again. This one was rather fun to work on, I have to say. It's a rather cliche premise, but the author went about it quite cleverly.

We've got a commission project in the works as well, which we'll have out in a few days. After that though, it should be back to business as usual.

Cappucino (Original) [Akira Gotoh]
E-Hentai / ExHentai


  1. Funny. Cute too. Many thanx guys.

  2. Thanks for upload. im always checking for updates

  3. Sweet, thank you ACF and BluMeino !

    TNC's Toriko Voice, recently released, was really great with the idea of whispered voices during sex, and your release is a nice complement to this, with voice only carrying emotions and the intensity of desire, without formal meaning behind every syllabus...

    Good stuff, in short , thank you once again :D

  4. missing part 2 XD

  5. Hoping for part 2 soon.