Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tarot Woman

Been too long since we did a nice Minea doujin. Despite being the superior to her sister, she doesn't get the same amount of material. A shame, really. But on the bright side, this one's a full-color book by Gachinko Shoubou, who draws some brilliant Rider doujins. Sure, it gets a little wordy, but the point of these isn't to read, you know?

Were You Expecting Manya? Too Bad, It's Me, Minea! (Dragon Quest IV) [Gachinko Shoubou]


  1. Thank you very much guys ^_^

    Just a note, about the scans, you could have lazily ran 3 times in a row a very weak Surface Blur (like, radius 5, threshold 4), it would have gotten rid of most of the scanning (or paper ?) imperfection, without compromising the quality of the drawings, lines and such :o