Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goddess Bless

Belldandy being stolen away from Keiichi appears to be the most common occurrence in Ah! My Goddess smut, but did you ever notice that it never goes too ridiculous like we've seen with other series?  Only Joy Division seems to the milk the netorare angle for what it's worth.  Midgard may be done, but there's still a few books for this series floating around out there, but sadly, many of them are tiny low quality images not worth touching.  Maybe that'll change someday.  I also hope Joy Division would just do a normal comic one day.

Nightmare of My Goddess - Following Road (Ah! My Goddess) [Tenzan Factory]

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  1. thank you for the post has a doujin series of studio wallaby Peorth sama ga pet could translate?