Friday, June 27, 2014

Wives Earn Their Keep

Last time, Bianca was stolen by Jami, but this doesn't seem to be a sequel to that story at all.  Now they're just whoring themselves out at the inn because they love dick so much.  This was a combined effort with Anonygoo translating, via LWB, just like the last Misonou DQ5 book we did.

Now, Your Partnes Are Wives Overflowing With Lust! (Dragon Quest 5) [Misonou]

And for some housekeeping: ACF's been super busy lately so I've just kind of taken some months off from editing as well, but now I'm working my way back into it.  I'm not sure if ACF is totally done or not, but it would be great to have him sending me scripts again for the things we all love.  And speaking of what we love, this little CG set was posted to DLsite months ago but hasn't been uploaded elsewhere else.  If you want to support the artist, you can purchase it here.