Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shit, right?

Have you ever wondered where all those cakes that Mugi buys end up? Well look no further, friends. This one's a commission from fullmetalargo, and you can download it HERE. Ritsu's part kinda reminded me of that one episode of South Park.

B-ON! After School Toilet Time (K-ON!) [Cool Brain] *SCAT*


  1. What? K-ON + Scat + Cool Brain? Well, don't mind if I do. Actually, I would have dl'd just because it had Cool Brain/Kitani Sai's name on it. I wish to see more stuff by Kitani Sai translated someday. Anyway, thanks a lot for this one, ACF, BluMeino, and fullmetalargo.

  2. Not sure if its my computer or the site but every time I click on those links all I see is a picture of a panda.

  3. Someone should learn how to level.

  4. For the ex-hentai n00bies

    1. Go to e-hentai.org and create an account.
    2. Clear all of you internet cookies, you can use ccleaner to do this.
    3. Go to g.e-hentai.org/home.php and login using your e-hentai.org username and password.
    4. Go to exhentai.org, it should now show you a list of galleries like e-hentai.org does.

    If you see the panda screen you've done something wrong, clear your cookies and try again.

    I didn't want my gallery pining for the fjords..
    -Fullmetal argo

  5. For me its called Google Or the Master of Internet Seaching :P

  6. Can you guys mirror your downloads on a regular file hosting site like mediafire? It's a pain to download from gehentai or exhentai sometimes.


  7. You just fail at the internet... its only like 30 pages...

  8. "and you can download it HERE."
    Hahaha you're funny. Sure you can download it... ...by giving them money. Either directly, through ad revenue, or doujins to draw in people for options 1 and 2.

    Off to get a copy from some random russian/spanish site now. Cya.