Thursday, May 10, 2012

Violet Chocolate Teacher

Finally getting another glorious Villetta doujinshi completed, this is one of four works by this artist, and other one other has been translated. As you can tell, we have arbitrary method of picking our next selections, so those could be done next time or months from now, it all depends on how we feel. But these books are very good looking and easy to translate, so maybe they'll pop up sooner. I think there's about another 10 or so projects I have left to do for her, along with another 20 or so for Manya.

Villetta Sensei ni Moeru Hon (Code Geass) [Ayano Naoto]


  1. Basically the best part of Code Geass.
    Just as Yoruichi is the best part of Bleach.
    And these are the best brown girls.

  2. Cute and funny. Many thanx.

  3. Chocolate-scans, you could be translated just 13 pages?

    Seriously, just 13. You can? Please?