Sunday, May 6, 2012

Superstitious X

Now with the TV show out and gaining popularity, there's some renewed interest in getting the current doujinshi finished before Comiket82 hopefully dumps a bunch more on us. Hoods has been doing a pretty bang-up job on the show with an off-kilter atmosphere and OST that mirror the tone and atmosphere that the early parts of the manga exude. I'm curious to see where the anime goes and differs from the TV show, but 13 episodes might not be enough to go the places it needs to.

There's two other doujinshi for MGX that are untranslated, and we might get around to them.

Mysterious Girlfriend seX (Mysterious Girlfriend X) [Countach]


  1. Nice one. Many thanx.

  2. Of the two you've done so far, this MGX doujin is closer to the source material than the other. One could imagine this happening in the real thing (well, as much as Afternoon would allow anyways.) Still, it's all great and surprise catgirl, so this one's a keeper!

    Would love to see those other two MGX doujins in the upcoming future. Heck, who wouldn't want some drool on their Chocolate?