Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thorough Sex Help

Flora feels inadequate in bed, so she asks Bianca for some help and counseling, but winds up receiving far more than she bargained for.

This one surprisingly hadn't been translated yet, and this artist tends to be quite popular.  It also appears to be unrelated to the Sancho Show series, since Flora ends up cheating on Andy with the Hero for financial security.  The book that came before this, apparently from 2004, hasn't been scanned at all.  There's still more of his work floating out there raw, so maybe we'll try to get a handle on the better ones available.  Doujin-Moe worked on the most recent DQ5 book, but it's still behind their paywall.  I like being able to see Chiro's art evolve throughout the last half decade, he's definitely done a lot of work in the breasts, nipples, and face.  Hope he does more DQ NTR down the line!

Serial cyce.2 (Dragon Quest 5) [Youkai Tamanokoshi]

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