Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleeping Sows

Here's the other doujinshi Bitch Bokujou released for Comiket 83, a book where the girls of SAO are raped by their care provider while they're in their game-induced comas.  I wish the artist had expanded on a few parts, like the special way the doctor "feeds" his patients.

We've had the digital version done for a long time, but decided to wait until Kalevala was able to scan the physical book for us, big props to him.  Since there's quite a difference between the scan and digital versions due to weird cropping choices on the Japanese side, I think it'll be fitting to just release both.  The only real difference, other than the massive detail and quality boost, is that the dicks are less censored.  Someone need to introduce this guy to the little black bar.  I also know DLsite will allow releases that aren't mosaic'd, and it can handle huge filesizes, so why he continues to go this route boggles me.

A SAO Book Drawn by a Man Driven Insane by Bashing his Head Against a Wall (Sword Art Online) [Bitch Bokujou]
E-Hentai: Scan / Digital
DDL: Scan / Digital


  1. Once again you guys are the best shit ever. I love you guys!

  2. Fingers crossed hoping that he makes new one, or a continuation

    1. He's done it for that Fate book and for the TLR one, so I guess it's possible. This output rate seems to be higher than ever before as well.